Ashery is a London based, interdisciplinary visual artist. Her work confronts ideological, social and gender constructions within the fabric of personal and broader contemporary realities. Socially and politically engaged, the work often takes place in public spaces or situations, and tends to include participatory and interactive elements. Frequently Ashery will produce work as a male character, including a black man, a false messiah, an orthodox Jewish man, a Norwegian postman and an Arab man.

Ashery’s work has been exhibited and discussed on a national and international level, including at the Liverpool Biennial, ZKM, Tate Modern, Brooklyn Museum, Pompidou Centre, Freud Museum, Umjetnicki Paviljon, National Review of Live Art and Foxy Production and several context-responsive locations. She has published Dancing with Men: Interactive Performances, Interactions and Other Artworks (Live Art Development Agency, 2009), and The Novel of Nonel and Vovel, a collaborative graphic novel with Larissa Sansour (Charta, 2009), an expanded project including live events, solo exhibitions and residencies. Ashery has been engaged with educational work, public art and community based projects for many years. 


The World is Flooding, zine, B&W, A4, 77 pages, Tate commission, free on request

Party for Freedom DVD+ Booklet, Oreet Ashery, published by Crossovers, ISBN 978-0-9570149-7-8

Oreet Ashery; The Beautiful Jew, Raging Balls (Other Gallery, China, 2011)

Staying: Dream, Bin, Soft Stud and Other Stories, by Oreet Ashery (Artangel, 2010)

The Novel of Nonel and Vovel, graphic novel by Oreet Ashery and Larissa Sansour (Charta, 2009)

Dancing With Men: Interventions, Interactions and Other Artworks,  monograph by Oreet Ashery (Live Art Development Agency, 2009)